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Hi all
Just getting a jump on things here. 
I spent the whole day cleaning this house from top to bottom...this way my
hubby only has to vacuum.  
I'm pooped.  Mom is excited that we are coming down.  My #$##$ uncle is moving
the rest of his ##%#$ out tomorrow.  I'm glad I will not see him anymore.  He
did alot of hurtful things and I just want him OUT. 
Mom is very stressed out from his attitude and so am I.  I clean better when
I'm stressed...LOL.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm taking my niece shopping for her birthday.  Money is
really tight and she understands that.  She is so sweet and caring...do you
know she said all she wants for her birthday is to see me.  I was so sad to
hear that because her birthday is Weds that's why we going out together
tommorow.  Oh well....cry cry cry.

Enough of crying...oh wait... I have good news...mom told my #$##% uncle to
leave the WEBTV because she paid for it and that makes it hers so I will be
able to communicate with all ofyou from there. YIPPPIEEE.   I probably won't
write until Wednesday nite, because Tues we arrive then mom has chemo at home
on Wed.
Do you believe they didn't give her the chemo until 10:00 last nite....yep
It's the IV company's fault they are the people who deliver the chemo and
needles at home.  Boy did I give them a earfull today.  The doctor called me
and said she wants me to work for her.....she's another loser.  When I get her
in person she will wish I hadn't even seen her.  My husband says I need to
speak to her in person because over the phone she blames everyone and doesn't
even try to help mom. So I'll be there to help out with my mouth.  Mom is
ready for me to speak out to this doctor.
Anyways, busy busy busy now I'm going to start dinner.


Dear Lord, let my friends enjoy a healthy, lovely and well deserved weekend.  
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