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[MOL] Was Getting Lonesome

Title: Was Getting Lonesome

Hello, Greg:  Kathy here.  I was getting lonesome for you, and was so glad to see your post to Nanc.  I agree with you.  Getting Lil a new computer was one of the most amazing joint efforts I have ever seen, and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about everyone's kindness and generosity.  I, too, wish I could see Lil's face!  I can probably see it shining all the way out here.  I can see you're still having a rough time with the fatique, etc., but your spirits seem to be fine, and I'm so glad for this.  Don't worry about your typing -- we're all gotten used to it!  LOL  I can read every dyslexic word of it!  Just teasing you -- I think you know that.  Greg, it's 72 degrees outside today under sunny skies -- only a slight breeze.  A perfect "Kathy Day."  My brother, Reilly, and I are having a super time together.  He brought his piano, his electric keyboard and Leslie (is that right?).  I have my big Yamaha, and do we ever jam!!!  We sound just dreadful, I'm afraid, but we're loud, and we're certainly enthusiastic.  I heard your playing a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it.  You're very good, and you played some of my favorite music.  I suppose you heard that I passed my quarterly tests again on Wednesday.  Greg, it's a real miracle for sure.  Don Postema and I are amazing specimens.  I have a feeling our success has a lot to do with the MOLers -- and I mean that!  All this positive energy must do something!  I'm going to be fine, Greg, so don't be concerned about me.  I'm a very old soul and have been around many, many times.  I think you have, too.  I'm having one of those days when you just feel happy.  I'm going to enjoy it for all it's worth!  Love to you, Shona, and Sarah -- Kathy