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[MOL] Re: re lils check/from Greg, & Nanc......

Hi Greg,
You know just because you are not posting every day doesn't mean that we have
for gotten you my dear friend and MOL Son, you are very, very special to all
of us, our prayers never stop where you are concerned.  I thank you for all
your compliments, but Cori and June had a hand in this getting Lil a PC too.
It is being built, and I'm hoping that we can get her up and back on MOL next
week, with speed she has never seen before.  I only wished I could hand
deliver it and take the pictures of her on it for the first time.  She will
have a smile that just won't quit, right?  I smile just thinking about it.  We
can't forget our Nisi and all the money she gave and having it built, and
seeing that it gets shipped to her.  Also like you, the ones that sent money
and the ones who prayed and wished that this would come to happen with all
their heart, cause their pockets were empty.  See what togetherness and the
power of prayer can do.  Now you see why you need to stay here, with all the
rest of us on MOL.  God helps us fix things, right?  Thank you so very much
for your very kind letter.  Please try and keep in touch, OK?
Love you bunches,
Nanc (:-)
Tell you Mom, Sarah and her family that I said Hi.  Shona too, OK?

In a message dated 3/19/99 10:56:24 AM Eastern Standard Time,
gregandruczyk@medmail.com writes:

<< Subj:	 re lils check
 Date:	3/19/99 10:56:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	gregandruczyk@medmail.com (greg)
 To:	NLPOST@aol.com
 hi nancccc,
 i sent you a check fo r30.00 it went in the mail yest.   would like to send
mor e but financial problems prohibit. i  relaay cant wiat for her to get her
pc, that will make her so happy.  this is  agreat hing youve organizeddd, one
of thie nicest things ivee heard about in a long time.  really makes you
believ ein people and what can be done toi help others.  we should set up
something like an emergency fund so in the future if someone eneeds help wed
have it, jjust a thought.  id contribute for sure.
 i miss you and all the molers.  i wihs i could get the energy to be on here
everyday, but cant.  i  felel like all my firends and my professionl contacts
are slipping away becalsue i never writte. i needd to  be mor epossitive thats
something i need to work on though. boy do i miss marty, too/
 well im tired, i have to go now.  teel people im thinking aobut them, hope
you arre all staying healthy, sne dmy lov eot them too ok??  really mean a lot
to me.  
 take caree,  im really proud of what youve done for lil, this is a wonderful
thing. sorry my tyoping is so bad, i cnat go fix everything it will never get
odne at my sppeed.
 love greg
 http://www.angelfire.com/mn/reddoggja/index.html >>
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