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Re: [MOL] From Chris

You're welcome PJ.  It helps alot to have a "prayer bank" of websites for
inspiration and for prayer requests.  After my Dad was diagnosed with cancer
(which I sometimes still can't quite believe) it was my place of refuge and
still is.

The other day in the midst of some dumb thing like drying my hair, it suddenly
hit me and I said it out loud to the face in the mirror, "...he has CANCER.
Dad HAS cancer.  DAD has cancer."  It stunned me.  Last August 23rd, my life
was normal and really sucked big time.  August 24th I learned about my Dad's
cancer and now the roof caved in whether life sucked or not.  You know?  

I felt so alone, so frightened, lost, paniced, in shock, etc.  I began
searching in desperation for hope.  After looking up his type of cancer, I
began to dig in deeper with the worst of all things: cancer statistics!  That
was an exercise in total despair; led me to believe that not a living soul
could be found anywhere 6 months after diagnosis. I persisted in finding more
information in the same manner until finally in total despair (slow learner
here) I decided I'll try searching for survivors!  Maybe there is one
somewhere!  I found KATHY - our KATHY!  And some others, but Kathy was quick
to respond as were a few others, but she stayed with me keeping touch
regularly.  Finding that one person and actually receiving messages from a
"live" cancer "victim" filled with joy beyond measure.  From there I went on a
spiritual search for hope and found the prayer sites.  I need both to sustain
me now.

Just rambling.....
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