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Hi Stefano,
I am sending you a copy of the letter I wrote and sent to someone else with
sclc, that is what my husband has, and is as of last Tuesday still in
remission.  He will have a Cat-Scan June 1, 1999.  He still has a cough as the
result of radiation, but other then that he is doing very well.  I atrubte his
recovery to all the MOL angel prayers and his determation to win the fight.
He will be 74 in Aug. and has a very bad heart.  The following will bet the
My hubby is 73 and I am 59, he was dx'd March 24, 1998 with SCLC, was found
cancer free Nov. 7, 1998.  He goes for his 4 month check up next Mon & Tues.
He is still doing very well.
You don't get cancer off your mind, you face it head on and deal with it, you
get in the drivers seat and take control.  You don't let it beat you, you beat
it.  You don't dwell on when it's coming back, you plan ahead, and know what
you will do, and that is you will beat it again.

I have Lupus, Asthma, Arthritis, 3 leaky valves in my heart, I'm not jumping
for joy having any of these things either, but I'm stuck with them.  When I'm
sick I am really sick, my immune system sometimes gets like people on chemo, I
deal with it and I fight back, I was down in bed and so depressed and wanting
to die from the pain at times, I small children at that time, so I decided to
fight with every thing I had, I prayed, I won, and I have won many battles in
my life.  I don't have cancer, but if I did I would fight that too.

When you start feeling sorry and afraid for yourself, is when you kick your
own butt.  Any battle for your life no matter what the illness is, is not easy
and without pain, and your life is worth the fight.  Love yourself and you'll
heal yourself.  I believe your body can heal itself, if given a chance.  You
have to stay away from stress, crying, feeling sorry for yourself, feeling
scared, dwelling on leaving loved ones behind. 

Don and I have talked long ago, if the cancer comes back, what would he want
to do?  His answer was, when the time comes, he'll again face it head on and
take control, and fight until he wins again, and again.  I have 5 children, 12
grandchildren.  My 82 year old Mother lives with us and was supposed to have
died almost 5 years ago, she is doing good. 

What you do is, love like you've never loved, live every minute to the
fullest, do for others, do things you enjoy doing, stay possitive, and get a
death grip on hope and never let go of it.  Just know that your cancering
journey is a bouncy rollar coaster ride.  We are here to help you over the
bumps and to reach the top of the hill.  We are here to love, hug and a
shoulder to cry on.  We are here to let you vent, and then help you pull
yourself together again.

I don't think there is anything more on earth I would want then MOL Angels,
you my dear have found the most comfortable place to be, right here in this
MOL Forum.  God bless you and hang in here.  Ask anything you wish, someone
will answer you.
Love, Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nancy Postema, better known to MOLs as (Nanc) (:-)

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 hi, my name is Stefano.
 My father has SCLC and we decided to follow chemiotherapy (now it seems
 good, but i read that after some months there'll be more problems!)
 I would like to know if exist some sperimental effective therapies for SCLC
 (Small cell lung cancer). Please help me.
 Thank you
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