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[MOL] My stepmother

Got some bad news yesterday.  My stepmother, Virginia went to Univ of PA
yesterday accompanied by my sister, Annette to take yet another cardiac test
to determine if there is anything any doctor can do for her.

The results were not hopeful.  The doctor said the new procedure would pose
such great risk to her already weakened kidneys and liver that the benefit to
her heart would be minimal.  In addition, he basically told her that without
the surgery she will be bed-ridden within a year.  She cried all the way home
and all last night.  This is something she never prepared for considering her
own parent's ages at death: her father was in his 70s (but a lifelong hard
alcoholic) and her mother was nearly 101!   Her father lost a lung in WW1 and
developed a morphine addiction which he carried over to alcohol after his
discharge.  Her mother was still gardening and maintaining her 80 acre farm in
Alabama until into her early 90s.

So be it...I guess.

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