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Dear Gwen,

Glad to see you posting.  The Mol Angels are really something aren't
they?  I know God directed me here also.  I noticed in your post
that your sister Barb was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  You
have 12/99?  Did you mean 98? 

My husband was diagnosed in May of 98 with stage 4 adenocarcinoma
of the lung and bone.  It has spread to the brain and he is also
bedridden now.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your
God Bless You,
> Hi Everyone!
> Just want to thank all of you for your letters of concern and
> information.  Right now I am still learning the forum but I do know
> that I love it!  I think God directed me here.  I apologize if I
> haven't answered everyone, but I am taking time out every night to
> read the mail.  You are a great group and I am happy to be part of it.
> I work days, then take care of my sister evenings, get home at 7-8 pm,
> say hi to hubby, and jump on the computer till my eyes cross. So there
> isn't much time, but I do print off a lot of the mail so that Barb can
> read it. It lifts her spirits more than anything else right now!   Her
> husband is not very understanding really of how sick she is, so this
> is very encouraging to her to read about the molers. Because of being
> bedridden right now, she has to have someone with her 24 hrs a day,
> and that is the tough part.
> I would love to send money for Lil's computer - if I knew the address.
> Your Friend,
> Gwen
> Sister Barb dx 12/99, Stage iv, lung and spinal tumor, ademocarcinoma,
> partially paralyzed, bedridden
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