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[MOL] MOLERS my notes to each of you

I want to know how Patrick is making out with the chemo.
Since I haven't seen any posts for 3 days I'm really hoping it's all good
Also how is your dad and father-in-law.

How is Devin doing?
How are you doing?
I want to hear from you.

Letting you know I'm always praying for you and Angelo with all my heart.

Words cannot express what joy you brought to me the other nite. Praying with
you was delightful.  I enjoyed it more than I can say.  You were a delight to
chat with. You are a lovley lady and I'm so glad we are friends.

I hope the wedding went off smoothly.  I wish your daughter and her husband
the best  wishes.

How are you feeling?  Your website is so cool.  While I wasn't receiving email
from the MOL group I visited your website and I must say it kept me really
busy with all the sites.  ALot of fun.

I'm hoping you are doing better. I know you had been in the hospital.   Please
know I'm praying for you.

I hope you and your daughter had a lovely visit with your dad.  I'm holding
him in prayer all the time.

You are such a dear to  always be there for me and sending me loving notes of
concern.  I'm always thinking of you and praying so hard for your family.

I hope  your CEA comes down. I remember the last email I read on Saturday was
your CEA went up a bit.  My mom's goes up and down and she feels fine.  Just
know I'm thinking ofyou.  I hope you arene't snowed in in Holtsville.

Hey friend.  How the heck are you? I hope you are doing well.  I saw a lady on
TV last nite and she looked like you.  I said "gee I wander if that's Cori".
She was in a show and was almost as pretty as you.

I hope you and your sweet brother are having a fun time.  When are you getting
a computer for the house?  Hang tough lady.  You are sweet and you will be
just fine.

I hope your new business is doing well. I think of you often.

Mam & Wayne
G'day mates.  How are you way over yonder?  Are you guys 24 hours time
difference between us.  I never seem to catch you in the chat room.  Hope all
is well.

How was your vacation?  I really am looking forward to hearing from you.

My hubby went to your area for a business trip.  I really wanted to go so you
and I could shop.  Maybe next time. Okay.

For all the molers who I left out I trust you are doing okay.  Please know I'm
praying for everyone.  I am going to post the list of prayers for St. Jude and
I would love to have an update with your names and petitions.
Love you all.  I missed you so deeply and my crying eyes are proving it.
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