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[MOL] Christine

Hi Christine,
I am very late in answering this post, but yes I have thought about
starting my own business, and I am putting togethere web pages to that end.
Since my primary skills are writing, editing and teaching writing, it makes
sense to build a business around those skills. Right now I have my 101 and
102 Syllabus on line and the beginnings of a website offering writing,
editing, web design and writing instruction. (web addresses are in my sig
line if you are interested in seeing what I have been up to) However, I
think it will take time to build a clientele.

What is happening with you? Let's see if I have my memory straight. Don't
you do taxes? If so I imagine you are pretty busy right now.

Take a little time for fun.
Love ya,

>Glad to hear an update on you and sorry about your day job. Like you said,
>it might have been for the best. I find things usually always happen for a
>reason although that reason is not always clear at that moment. I have no
>doubt you will land on your feet.
>Have you thought about starting a business out of your home, which I, and
>many other do. With your printing experience, perhaps something in the way
>of desktop publishing. My friend, in Burlington, has been doing that for
>about 10 years and now has quite a customer base including Big Brothers,
>political parties, etc.
>All the best and know you are in my thoughts constantly.

Liz Patterson
Patterson & Associates
2115 Summitview Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 576-4213

For help with writing,editing and web design:
MAC users needing help visit: http://users.ewa.net/patter/Macs.html
For Patterson's on site YVCC English composition syllibi:(To be part of
distance learning with YVCC beginning summer, 1999)

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