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Liz, this is so  true; but government is talking about cutting back on testings for cancer.... Wonders never cease.  It does have to be realized that many cancers are not able to be detected by the individual themselves.  One friend with lung cancer kept going to her doctor about an itch on her back, after many visits it was discovered it was lung cancer.  I whole heartidly believe in prevention, it would save lives and money.  Your friend, lillian -
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>>Sandy's friend has cancer and Sandy's little guy who has MD is having
>>problems.....your friend,  -
>You know what amazes me is how unaware I was of the number of people
>suffering with cancer and other major illnesses before I was diagnosed with
>cancer myself. Since that time I have met and talked to many cancer
>patients/survivors. My awareness of the extent and seriousness of this
>problem has expanded immeasurably. It was dumb luck that I was diagnosed
>early enough to get by with a lumpectomy. The thing that concerns me is the
>number of people out there who do not have the problem detected early
>enough for a "cure" because they hate having mammograms or going to the
>doctor with their aches and pains, so they put it off until the pain
>becomes so unbearable they have to take care of it. By that time, things
>are so much worse. In the long run it would be so much better for people if
>they had their annual physical exams, and problems caught early would be so
>much less expensive for insurance companies. You would think the companies
>would require their insured's to have the annual physicals.
>As expensive as my surgery and radiation was, I can only imagine  what it
>would have cost if the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and I had had
>to have chemo. When the cancer is in more advanced stages, it is very
>costly in both pain and suffering and money. I think we need more agressive
>preventive/early detection programs in every city and town in the world.
>Love, Liz
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