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[MOL] Can Herbal Meds alleviate side-effects of chemo?

Herbal medications for alleviating side-effects of chemotherapy

Researchers at the University of California are studying the
effectiveness of
Chinese herbal medicines in alleviating chemotherapy side effects.
at the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at the UC San Francisco say
have developed their own formula of 21 herbs with the aim of eliminating
fatigue, nausea, vomiting, blood disorders, and psychological symptoms
associated with chemotherapy. Authors say study has found that nearly
thirds of breast cancer patients in the San Francisco Bay-area have used
alternative therapies during cancer treatments. Studies are planned to
evaluate the use of the formula by 60 women with breast cancer patients
receiving a chemotherapy regimen consisting of adriamycin and cytoxan.
Information on joining the study can be obtained by e-mailing: erika-
leeman@quickmail.ucsf.edu Reported in a UC-SF statement (November 5,

MedBriefs (INC inc.) 11/12/98