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[MOL] To All

My dear friends,
I am still hanging around, and have been trying to keep up with your
posts. I will be quiet for a little while, as I have three assignments
due by the end of this month, followed closely by two more. Next month,
I have a residential school at Uni. All this, plus two months of night
shifts. Know that although I am not posting, I am still here, and none
of you are ever far from my thoughts. Wayne has gone away for the
weekend, his uncle is having a birthday party, so Wayne and Andrew (his
brother) have gone up north to help celebrate. (Wayne's uncle is only a
few years older than him). I have started to take out a wall between our
bathroom and toilet at home. It has been driving me nuts for some time,
we have such a tiny bathroom, and the toilet is like this long corridor
with the loo sitting like a throne at the end! Problem is, I didn't get
up in the roof to check if it is a support wall before I started taking
the lining off! Ahh well! such is life! I'm still taking it out, could
turn out to be hideously expensive, and looks like we might have to rig
up an outhouse in the yard, owing to the fact that I don't have any
money! *grin* But then, who does?! 
Nance, I don't know where that photo is, will check with Raelene, ok?
Kathy, I need you to re-send your postal address so I can send your
vegemite. Anyone else want some?
PJ, how is your mum doing with her Doctors? You tell her we are right
behind her!
Martha, guess what? On my way to work last night, I went round a bend in
the road, and here was this bloody great Kangaroo standing right in the
middle of the flamin road! Scared the living daylights out of me! I
swerved to miss it and nearly lost control of the car! 
I did think about catching it, and sending it to you, but by the time my
heart rate went down, it had gone! *grin*
Honestly though, the big ones can ruin your car, and I tell you it was
only by the grace of God that I didn't hit a tree trying to avoid it!
I have the weekend off, so I will be here trying to catch up on
housework, the lawn needs mowing desperately, will probably do that in
the morning, and I have to find time to work on these assignments. If
any of you come across good websites dealing with depression and/or
schizophrenia could you send them to me? Especially Stress/Adaptation
models in schizophrenia, much appreciated. 
We are all ok 'downunder' no major dramas happening at present.
Take care of you all, and welcome to the new members of our mol-angel
group that I see online. May you find what you are looking for here, and
may you gain the strength you need.
Much love

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