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PROTECT and REJUVENATE your body *** it's never too late!
Save money because this is the ONLY supplement you will need!   

ONE ounce, ONCE a day  a day  Replace all those pills you were counting out and taking once/twice/three times a day with this ONE product! It tastes good its economical and is in liquid form! It starts absorbing instantly!

INGREDIENTS:WILD CHINESE GOOSEBERRY .... contains the most active protease enzyme available from a food source .... excellent source of
 Vitamin C .... natural source of potassium .... Wild Chinese Gooseberry forms the elixir base for Goose Joose and enhances bio-availability of the other ingredients:   

  ARGININE PYRUVATE ! .... blocks the natural inhibitor which regulates the use of HGH by the body ... thereby allowing the body
to make full use of its OWN available HGH!   
HGH has been shown to REDUCE or even REVERSE many of the physiological effects of AGING!   

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT ..powerful anti-bacterial! anti-parasitic!anti-viral!..promotes longevity   

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (OPC-95) .... contains highly effective  anti-oxidants .... prevents deleterious build-up of plaque on blood vessels, aiding in slowing, & even preventing, blood vessel diseases. .... may reduce cancer growth rates &, in some cases,reduce cancer mass   

BROMELAIN .... anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring properties .....improves immune system   

AMERICAN GINSENG , enhances athletic performance,rejuvenates,increases longevity,
detoxifies & normalizes the entire body system.   

POTASSIUM GLYCEROL PHOSPHATE..potent energizer ,enables the body to use oxygen more efficiently,increases,alertness..helps maintain proper electrolyte balance.   

CHROMIUM GTF ,helps convert food to energy,reduces amount of sugar converted to fat .... generates more energy   

GOTU KOLA - also known as ~ Brain Food ~ 
(Centella asiatica) has been used for thousands of years in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and parts of Eastern Europe. Traditionally it was used to promote longevity, as a traditional blood cleanser, and diuretic. 
Gotu kola is used today primarily as a brain and nerve strengthening tonic. It is also used internally and externally to increase the circulation to the legs, preventing varicosities and spider veins.

 It helps to improve memory and mental and physical stamina. It assists in balancing energy levels ,alleviates anxiety and depression. In clinical studies from India
this herb increased the IQ and mental ability. In other research Gotu kola improved one's learning skills and memory retention capabilities. 

VITAMIN PACK .... 100% of all RDA vitamins suspended in liquid, more rapidly bio-available to the body .... ALL the vitamins come from 

WHOLE FOOD SOURCES providing vitamins in a form the body is designed to use, as well as supplying the additional micro-nutrients and co-factors that are never available in purified or synthesized vitamins.   

MINERAL STACK ..... Oceanic trace minerals ... in a form readily avalible. 

This is by far the most powerful product
I have used in my life.

After testing 100s of other 
products over the years.
Not one comes close to Ours.

For more information on how to obtain
out product please reply to

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