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Re: [MOL] ovarian cancer

  If you are asking about ovarian cancer ( screening ) , NCI began a
multicenter randomized screening trial in 1993  74,000 women are being
randomized to routine medical care versus annual bimanual exam , serum CA-125
levels , transvaginal sonography and followed for a minimum of 10 years . They
call it the PLCO study and the results are still forth coming .
   If you sign on to and go to this address 
 you will find an article written by C. G. Berman , MD and N.J. Brodsky , MD
from the Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute . The article is titled
Newer Imaging Modalities and explains a host of new and revised methods
currently under study . Knowing the specific techniques would allow you
determine what you wished to discuss with NCI.
  My Mom was interested in knowing her options as her CA-125 flucuates
regularly and is as Lillian stated , a very non specific indicator . She was
interested in the article and I hope you find it helpful as well .
Take care and Hang tough
Joseph Cane
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