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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello Everyone,

There are many professions that get little or no praise, recognition, or
reward (aside, of course, from their earnings).  I think dentists fall
into that catagory.  Nobody ever looks forward to going to them. 
Usually, the only thanks they get is when they stop some pain that
someone had been experiencing.  Most people will put off going to them
as long as they can.  No one envies you when you have a dental
appointment.  Just the mention of the word "dentist" does not carry with
it a very good mental image for most people.  And YET...there are people
who continue to devote their life to the care of our teeth.  For that we
should be eternally grateful!  I know I am (in light of the
alternatives).  Here are my "thoughts for today."

	The dentist is the one guy who's always ready to get back to
	the old grind.

	Members of the dental profession are the only men on earth
	who can tell a woman to open or close her mouth and get
	away with it.

My hats off to all the dentists out there and all the other
professionals involved in the dental field.  By the way, the dentist my
husband and I go to is really great.  He not only does a great job, but
he's a great guy, too.  I think it's important to like the person to
whom you intrust the most used part of your body.  The reason my husband
started going to him is because he saw an ad in the phone book which
read: "We cater to cowards."  (I'm not so sure my husband is going to
like the fact that I shared that bit of information with all of you). 
We haven't been disapointed yet.  In fact my husband and Doc Batuk have
become golfing buddies.  How's that for liking your dentist?  The next
time you have a dental appointment, why not tell your dentist that you
really appreciate him (or her)?

God Bless,
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