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[MOL] FW: A Scam

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From:	Susan Harrison 
Sent:	Thursday, March 11, 1999 11:07 AM
To:	Accounting; Pam Thornell
Cc:	'chopkins@e-g.com'
Subject:	FW: A Scam

A good warning!!!
Subject:	A Scam

Got a call from a man this weekend telling me he represented my bank 
	> > and  that they were having difficulty meeting requirements to be
	> > computer ready  for Y2K. He said all bank customers would need
	> > transfer their accounts  to a bond account specially designed to

	> > protect our money until the bank could fully comply with Y2K
	> > requirements. He then said to verify that he was talking to the
	> > account person I needed to confirm information about myself, my
	> > account numbers and then give verbal authorization to transfer
	> > to this specially designed account. I don't trust folks who do
	> > kind of thing so I asked him which of the banks I use did he
	> > represent. He was not able to do that and hung up at that point.

	> >
	> > Please pass this info to friends or family because this is a
huge scam 
	> > that is going on all across the country. Some people would be
	> > to think they would loose all their money (which he said was
sure to 
	> > happen if I didn't do this now) and would supply the information
	> > without first checking this out. I notified the phone company of
	> > call - since I have caller ID, I could give them a number but
	> > identifier just said "out of area". It came from a 248 area code
	> > which is around Detroit. Anyway, just passing this along so
you'd be 
	> > aware  and beware. Have a good day.

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