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might be useful for some.

> File size: 716K
> License: freeware
> Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
> There's a pesky little virus going around the Net these days called
> Happy99.exe. It doesn't damage your system or corrupt any data, but it
> can spread like wildfire if unchecked because it attaches itself to every
> email you send and every newsgroup message you post. Happy99Cleaner won't
> protect you from the virus, but it can get rid of it if you've been
> infected. After you clean out your system, you can check the LISTE.SKA
> file to see a list of email addresses you have sent the virus to and
> start writing those apologies. Get ready to be happy:
> http://www.download.com/DD/dl/0,302,0-0309-1-017,00.html

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