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Re: [MOL] Mary

Dear Diana,

Angelo is pretty much bedridden now.  He does get up and walk
about 5 steps (with my help) to the portable potty at the end
of the bed.  He is very very weak.  He was becoming very depressed
again and the hospice nurse said that maybe it was because of
his steriods being cut back on.  We uped them again and now he
seems to be in better spirits.  Every day is a blessing that we
are able to be together.  I hope Rodney can get some relief for
his back pain.  Take care Diana.  I will be praying for you and

Love ya,
> Dear Mary,
> How's Angelo these days?  Rodney's still having trouble getting his
> strength back.   His back has been bothering him and I hope the cancer
> hasn't spread to there.  We have another app with the onc at the end
> of March.
> Diana
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