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Re: [MOL] benn gone for awhile

You are a silly Lady, LOL.  Read this post again, and know that you will help
someone out there that reads it, and you know why, cause it all came from your
heart, and someone else knows how you feel and they could be going throught,
the same feelings and know that they really are not alone.  You just keep
right on posting and let out some of your stress, OK?  We need you too, and we
are here for you too.  remember, we'll be meeting up soon, and if you don't
get with it, I'll be able to kick butt.  LOL.
Love, Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nanc :-)

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] benn gone for awhile
 Date:	3/10/99 3:16:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
 Hello all you precious angels,
 I' ve just listening to all of you guys instead of answering.  I've had a lot
of stress at work,  I have to learn a new job.  You know when you get older,
mind you I am still a  spring chicken at 55. we don't like to change the way
we do things at least I don't.  It just seems like with what's going on with
Rodney and work it just gets so overwelming sometimes.  To Kathy my prayers
are with you because when you think you have life rough there' s  always
someone with bigger problems than yours  and it makes you stop and think.  I
love all of you and wish I had the knowledge and the comforting words that
everyone seems to come up with all the time. 
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