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[MOL] mom's chemo

Hi Everyone
Today is Wed and mom is suppose to get the chemo AGAIN at home. Remember last
week the pill that is suppose to be taken before the chemo didn't arrive unitl
9 o'oclock at nite.  If that happens today mom will go bananas.  On Saturday
she rec'vd a call from the IV company and they said that they will deliver
everything Sunday so that wouldn't happen and guess what...yep nothing arrived
on Sunday. Monday mom called and they said Tuesday...and nothing on Tuesday.
Mom told the doctor on Monday and she was ASSURED that the chemo would be at
home on Tuesday.  Some ASSurance.  Anyway, I just spoke with mom and she
doesn't want me to get involved because she wants to do the Yelling herself.
She said that she just spoke to the nurse who comes and gives her the IV and
the reason why she receives it at home is because the HMO doesn't want to the
pay the HIGH cost of hospital chemo visits for patients so they are cutting
down and offering it at home.
Mom told her primary THIS IS IT.  She is furious and if this is going to
happen she will move up to NY.  YIPPPPIE for me but mom still cannot be
treated like this.
I gave mom the HMO obudsman's number and to COMPLAIN TO them.

So friends thats the update for now stay tuned
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