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[MOL] New Guidelines for Invasive Cervical Cancer New's

*New Treatment Guidelines for Invasive Cervical Cancer*

The National Cancer Institute sent out a special
announcement on February 22 to doctors around the country,
about important discoveries in the treatment of cervical
cancer. This is cancer that starts in the cervix, the narrow
opening of the uterus. In 1999, an estimated 12,800 cases of
invasive cervical cancer are expected to occur in the United
States. About 4,800 women will die from the disease.

Until now, the standard treatment for cervical cancer has
been surgery or radiation therapy, depending on the stage of
the disease. Several new studies have shown that, for
patients requiring radiation therapy, adding chemotherapy to
the radiation treatment can offer significant benefits. In
these studies, the risk of death from cervical cancer was
reduced by 30 to 50 percent by giving chemotherapy along with
radiation therapy.

The NCI's Web site has more information about these


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