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Re: [MOL] a note I rec'vd from LeeAnne

Hi Lee Ann,
I'm so sorry to hear about Ruthies Mother, she must have been young, was it
cancer?  You tell Ruthie she has a lot of people out in cyber space that are
thinking and praying for her, and you too.  This can't be easy for you to deal
with either.
My heart, love, hugs & Prayers go with the both of you,

I got you sledding post too, sounds like fun to me.  Arm wasn't hurt to bad,
right?  LOL  Hope it didn't hurt to bad. (:-)

In a message dated 3/10/99 12:32:50 AM Eastern Standard Time,
PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:

<< Subj:	 [MOL] a note I rec'vd from LeeAnne
 Date:	3/10/99 12:32:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	PSerritell@AOL.COM
 Hi Molers.
 I rec'vd the following from LeeAnne.  I have been in touch with her every so
 often and she has asked if we can include her friends family in our prayers.
 Her name is Ruthie and she died of cancer yesterday.  Ruthie's young girl is
 in LeeAnne's youth group and she needs prayers to go on with her life and
 understanding her mom is out of pain.  Please read on and keep Ruthie and
 LeeAnne in your prayers.
 Thank you Love PJ 143
 ======= >>

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