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[MOL] Letter from Lee Ann to Nanc

Date:	3/10/99 6:04:16 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:	Leelake998

You needed a laugh yesterday...hope everything looks brighter today?  If not I
hope things change for you right away.  I bet you had some weather to with
hunh?  We got oh,,, about 6" of snow and I was off work, (so we won't get our
extra day off the Friday before spring break, now).  We met some friends at a
park and sleded (went sledding, good thing I got out of elementary ed. hunh?
=)    ), built snowmen and had a bit of a snowball fight.  My husband came out
of his cocoon and went with us and participated!  Ryan (my son) was the only
kid to be able to be on target and f i n a l l y   go over a ramp that a bunch
of kids had built.  He wiped out big time and that ended our day.  He was all
right though - I got hit with a snowball as soon as we got home.  He threw it
with the "hurt arm".  

Well, I have to leave early for work, not only because of the roads - also
because of administering the ISTEP (standardized test) to "my student".  I say
that like that because I have worked with her (as her interpreter h.i.) for 6
years now...spend more time with her than I do my own kid.  

Bye and take care
Lee Anne
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