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[MOL] Hi just something to let you know

Hi Everyone
Whether you are someone that I have written to once or a gazillion times I
want you to know that I'm thinking of you now and praying for you.
I also want you to let you in on something.
Today I said to my mom "I LOVE YOU" before she had a chance to say it to me.
Sometimes I'm too busy in my conversation with her to say it and other times I
say it to fast I don't think I truly say it with strength.  I talk with mom
atleast 10 times a day. But today I said it with full strength so friends,
next time to write, talk or even smile ......do it with love.  
Don't waste God's precious gift of a minute being spent about the person  who
cut you off with his car or the person who gave you a dirty look just worry
about having good health and being able to capture that smile, that love or
just that email from a friend.
And if I'm the lucky person to see all of that ....well than I want to
reciprocate it back a gazillion times.
I love you
Your daughter, your niece, your sister-in-law, your friend, your cousin and
God's child PJ/Paula 143
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