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[MOL] a note I rec'vd from LeeAnne

Hi Molers.
I rec'vd the following from LeeAnne.  I have been in touch with her every so
often and she has asked if we can include her friends family in our prayers.
Her name is Ruthie and she died of cancer yesterday.  Ruthie's young girl is
in LeeAnne's youth group and she needs prayers to go on with her life and
understanding her mom is out of pain.  Please read on and keep Ruthie and
LeeAnne in your prayers.
Thank you Love PJ 143

PJ,  (These colors kind of remind me of brownie - girlscout colors)

I haven't heard about the weather your way, but we got enough snow overnight
that most of the area schools were out today (including Ryan's and mine).  We
went sledding today and had a snowball fight and built a snowman.  We met
friends at the park and we had a good time.  I really am doing okay PJ, life
goes on.  I know that my mother is in a much better place, although I miss her
here, I would not wish her back for anything.  

A young girl (13), who is not very active -- but still part of my youth group
(Young Women Organization) and a member of my church lost her mother last
night. Her mom (Ruthie) had been diagnosed 9 years ago with a brain tumor, and
had been treated. I don't know any of the details, the family keeps all that
in, and so did she.  Ruthie was a very vibrant person and the absolute most
cheerful person I have ever met in my life.  She was always able to see the
good in even the most dark situation.  I pray (and would like some help here,
from you and other mols if you will pass along the word...thanks, knew you
would =) that Ruthie instilled that philosophy in her kids.  She is leaving
behind a good husband; a married daughter with one sweet baby girl, and
another baby on the way: a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter  (the
one who's in my youth group).  Her mother-in-law is our church choir director
and a great lady and she has had a really tough time with this situation.  I
love these folks and am concerned mostly for Amanda.  I have much that I want
to share with her, poetry that I've collected (much from Mol's), some stories
and naturally my own experiences. I just can't imagine losing a parent that

I did not mean to go on so long, but I know that you'll understand.  That's
nice to be able to say that - PJ thank you.

Take care and don't worry 'bout me, (I did smile...just for, no take that
back, just because of  you)  I'm tough.

Love ya,
Lee Anne 143
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