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Hello RDJ
My mom (lives in Fla) has colon cancer stage iv. She was operated on Jan98
with no removal of mass due to the mass was too large and they surgeon didn't
want to disrupt anything.  She received radiation for 30 days.  Then rec'vd
about 6=7 months of 5fU and now she is on Camptosar which seems to be doing
some good. Mom has no side effects at all.  Her recent cat scan should the
mass is exactly the same and no spreading THANK YOU GOD.  Mom is also taking
chinese herbs which build her immune system and she is very very commited to
fight this disease. Mom's spirit and will is stronger than any cancer.

RDJ I hope you stay with us and join in on the discussion whenever you feel
like it.
I really don't know anything about your dad's cancer but I do know that he is
in my prayers this evening.

There are so many wonderful people here who will lift your spirits as they
have done mine every single day that I have been here.  

Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

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