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Re: [MOL] Where is everybody?

All feeling good I hope! 
P J  are you still going into the basket  business? 
I was supposed to go to M D Anderson this week but my Dr. was out of
Had a sub last time and he was so rude I won't see him again. The guy
was like trying to talk to a rock. Seeking his opinion, my husband told
him we had heard of the treatment in Staten Island and before he could
say another word the dr. said very coldly -- then go to Staten Island. A
few minutes later my husband asked him if they could do anything about
the spot on my lung and he said " whats the point" I have always been
able to stay in good spirits but that day I left his office 
feeling like there was no hope left.
About a week later MDA called on a survey and I certainly told them what
I thought. I think they got the message. 
Frank I hope you have given up the bungee jumping idea lol


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