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[MOL] KATHY Corrigan

Hi Kathy
I'm sending this with my love.  Don't shed a tear for we are always near to
wipe your face.  We are hear to place a smile on your lips and sometimes say a
joke or two but always here to love you.


In the quiet, yes the quiet -
In the stillness of the night,
I know my Savior's always there,
Though it's not by human sight!
I feel His presence ever near,
As He gives that sweet repose -
Longed for rest from daily burdens,
And my weary eyes I close
In the morning, yes, the morning -
Jesus still His blessing pours;
And will see me through the day -
Walk beside me through my chores!
And in sadness, yes, in sadness,
When some heavy trial I bear -
He is ever close beside me,
With His love, my grief to share !
Then once more in dark and quiet -
In the stillness of the night,
He renews my strength by morning
That I may live the "victory" life!

Written by : Lynn Fenimore Nuzzi
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