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Re: [MOL] Dr.'s visits

Martha, thanks for the report, although I would think they would want to do something about the node in the lung and the plural enffusion.  I understand about the kidney and liver, it just may be too soon to really tell or a problem with the machine; etc.  You are in my prayers friend and I know you are probably worn out.  Love you, lillian  -
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>Hello, thank you guys!
>I just got back from NYC.  I feel like Sgt. Schultz  on Hogans Heroes who
>used to say I know NOTHING, NOTHING.   I may have a little bit of this..a
>little bit of that.  It's basically a lung node that was 2.8 by 1.something
>which is now 3 by 3 and moderate plueral effusion in one lung.  It's
>strange, because, my shortness of breath has improved to me greatly in the
>last six months.  There may be something in the liver and in the kidney, but
>they can't tell.  The Onc says, don't worry about that; sometimes in just
>looks like that.  Something to do with the way they take the picture,
>gallbladder gets in the way...something.  A BAD CAMERA ANGLE?
>But my Onc says she doesn't want to make any changes now.  We'll continue
>and take more pictures in three months.  I feel relieved because I know that
>if she thought I should be on chemo, she would have told me; her approach to
>treatment is pretty conservative.
>All my other dispersed spots are stable, which seems to be good.
>I always had short hair.  After my one chemo in 12/97, it grew back curly.
>Of late, it seems to be going back to being straight.  It was fun having the
>curls and though in maybe a waste of money, I will go out this week, I
>think, and ask my hairdresser if my hair is too short to perm.
>I love you all very much,
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