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Re: [MOL] Richard K

Hi Sis (Lil)
I really didn't intend for this to go over the MOL line.  You are right, and
you and Marty have every right to your feelings, he was very rude to you both.
I was trying to protect you and it blew up in my face, I am truly sorry, that
it went over MOL.  I am happy that you and Rich are fine.  I apologize to all
concerned.  Maybe I need to take a break form MOL for awhile.  I sure don't
want to hurt anyones feelings here.  Not sister Lil's, brother Marty's, or
Rich, who has treated me like a good friend, and I to him.  I think I'd better
go and clean my carpets, and get my engraving done, and hope I get my heard
screwed on straight.  I'm sorry. :-(
Love you all,

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Richard K
 Date:	3/8/99 2:55:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (lillian)
 Nanc:  .I do not believe this message was appropriate to go over the full
 Mol line.  Secondly Richard and I are fine, we have no problems......please
 sometimes it is best to let things rest....lillian >>
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