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Hi daughter Martha,
I'm so happy that you got good news.  Our Doctor told us that if he came back
in curly that it would go back straight, sometimes takes a year, but it would
go straight.  So there you go, back to perms, right.  The stuff women go
through to be pretty right?
Love, Hugs and prayers to you and yours,
Mom (Nanc)  (:-)

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 Hello, thank you guys!
 I just got back from NYC.  I feel like Sgt. Schultz  on Hogans Heroes who
 used to say I know NOTHING, NOTHING.   I may have a little bit of this..a
 little bit of that.  It's basically a lung node that was 2.8 by 1.something
 which is now 3 by 3 and moderate plueral effusion in one lung.  It's
 strange, because, my shortness of breath has improved to me greatly in the
 last six months.  There may be something in the liver and in the kidney, but
 they can't tell.  The Onc says, don't worry about that; sometimes in just
 looks like that.  Something to do with the way they take the picture,
 gallbladder gets in the way...something.  A BAD CAMERA ANGLE?
 But my Onc says she doesn't want to make any changes now.  We'll continue
 and take more pictures in three months.  I feel relieved because I know that
 if she thought I should be on chemo, she would have told me; her approach to
 treatment is pretty conservative.
 All my other dispersed spots are stable, which seems to be good.
 I always had short hair.  After my one chemo in 12/97, it grew back curly.
 Of late, it seems to be going back to being straight.  It was fun having the
 curls and though in maybe a waste of money, I will go out this week, I
 think, and ask my hairdresser if my hair is too short to perm.
 I love you all very much,

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