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[MOL] Martha

Will keep you in my prayers as you go to your onc appt. I hope all goes
well for you.

Hi, Lil.
Sorry for my quick departure from chat.  My son had a report on Angola, and
my husband was yelling in my ear to type it up.
I am going into NY tomorrow to see my Onc.  My last scans showed that a
node in my lung had grown a cm. and they were also concerned about some
spots on my ribs.  The nurse said that my onc  doesn't feel ready to change
anything yet and that sometimes things look worse when they are getting
better.  But I have to wait until tomorrow.
Lil, it was so fast, in the chat room.  I think that was the first time I
was there talking to more than one person.  I thought I type fast, but I
had trouble keeping up.  Lil, who is going on trips--you--marty--I have
separation anxiety already.
What's what?
Love you girlfriend,

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