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Re: [MOL] Lillian

Don't worry about it, I am feeling much better and I always like to see what is out there in the cyber world.  Although I must say, i would prefer visiting a tour of a country.....LOL

This is the last thing I need!  I do take Vit. E to clense the liver though!.  Your friend, lillian  -

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Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 12:18 PM
Subject: [MOL] Lillian

>Lillian sweetie
>I didn't want you to research for the coffee enema I thought you already had
>it on hand. I'm sorry you had to go thru that search. Please please next time
>don't go to such lengths.  You should have told me dear Lillian that you
>didn't have it, I just thought by reading your posts that you had done the
>enema so many times you knew what to do.
>I'm so sorry that you went thru that search I know you aren't feeling up to
>snuff and I am so mad at myself for asking you for that.
>please accept my apology and I thank you so very much for doing it for me.
>God Bless You
>I'll say a special prayer for you tonite.
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