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[MOL] Re: What's up with the MOL line?/ The nerve!!

Mol actually sent me back my Irish Blessing, Inspiration and Chicken Soup!!
I'll be darned!!  Well, I just tried to send them again and we will see what
happens.. I can't believe that the line is still down... You all must be
going bonkers... Me, I am used to it by now.. not happy.. but used to it!!
LOL!!  :-)

Aol was down last night too for service.. Gee the could do things better..
couldn't they...  Has anyone tried to send a message to the 511 address for
help about the mol line.. I think you can get it off the mol homepage...

Well, I am back to working on my computer... Just need to break down and get
my friends over here next week.. I lost my MS office package with Word,
Excel, Powerpoint  etc.. and as it was bootlegged onto mine.. I can't
reinstall it..  So I have been looking all over and I have nothing left by
which to write a letter etc...  Gee, isn't technology grand!!  Well I guess
I need to take a little credit as the user..:-)

Love to you all and I will try to drop by the chat room tonight around 8 and
see whos in...  Many hugs.. Carla  :-)
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>Still not on Mol line yet!  So you wrote a play!  Goodness, i should get
>your autograph now, before you become too too famous!  Great.  And it's
>to the web site, you know when you work from home, you have to crack that
>whip hard, sometimes even leg ironing to the chair to keep you working.
>LOL!  I just got in from a beautiful ride.  A girlfriend too me out for a
>ride to the Islands whereby we soaked up that natural Vit. C. the we stoped
>at every knnok and cranny on the way home.  We went to the gallary that
>represents and there were a bunch of tourists.  The owner said" Oh, and
>is our Lillian, Lillian work is here, Lillian would you like to give these
>lovely people a tour".  Gezzzz, talk about getting used!  i loved
>it.....giggle!  Your sounding good Liz and I am glad for that.  Your
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>Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 7:17 AM
>Subject: What's up with the MOL line?
>>All of a sudden yesterday I stopped receiving mail from MOL. Are you all
>>still getting mail? If so I guess I need to resubscribe. If not, I guess
>>the line is down. Does anyone know what is happening with getting it back
>>I know some of you are not receiving mail from the MOL list now and I
>>enjoy receiving an update on what's happening with you. If you have
>>Email addresses in your address book that you send out update messages to,
>>please put me on your private list. I would love to hear from you.
>>Medically I am doing fine. Next month I will go in for my second mammogram
>>since the surgery and the first was fine. I still need to make myself
>>exercise more since weight gain and other nasty side effects of tamoxifen
>>are a bit of a problem.
>>My classes are going well at the college. We are about to finish winter
>>quarter, a couple more weeks, then a week of spring break.
>>This week I worked with a friend with whom I have co-authored a play. We
>>originally wrote it as a musical but have not been able to find a composer
>>to create the music for the songs. The lyrics were already written.
>>we decided we should rewrite it as a regular play and submit it for
>>publication. I was amazed. It went much faster and easier than I had
>>anticipated, but it has kept me from working on my web page. Now it is
>>to get back to work on that.
>>I hope you all are enjoying life in spite of any problems you are having
>>cope with. I know we all have our share of those.
>>Love Ya
>>Liz P. Of Yakima

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