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Re: [MOL] Greg!

Hi, Greg,
Sorry we missed each other, but please let me know if you're ever up for
a visit -- I'm not far, and I'd love to meet you! In the meantime, i
hope we have a chance to "chat" again! Love your new web page -- so much
gret stuff! Loved the Spam page (would you believe it had me pegged???
It's true! too funny!)

Also, we have a number of favorite things and movies in common,
particularly "Groundhog Day," which I think is greatly that film!

Well, sweetie, good to see you online and so positive. You keep
fighting!!! Love, Joicy

greg wrote:
> ho joicy,'
> thansk fo rhte note, sorry i wnats able tot ge tto it until now.  it was really great talking with you too, hope we can again soon. love greg
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