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Re: [MOL] Kathy sweet Kathy Corrigan

Oh, dear Kathy, I guess we are all in a state of shock -- not only with
your news, but as we reflect on the burden you have been carrying so
bravely. We never would have guessed....I am so sorry, dear one. I too
have been through the divorce scene, and it is defintitely ugly and
painful at it's best. But there are some battles that can't be won, and
living in that kind of hell is far worse. In such cases, the divorce is
really just the legal recognition of a covenant that has already been
broken. When you care about someone, it is hard to watch them
self-destruct; it is hard to know there is nothing you can change, no
way you can help...

But know I am here for you in any way that is helpful. And do not accept
his cruel words -- they are NOT TRUE!!!!!! Also know that there are good
men out there; like June said, there is always something good around the
corner. It took me a little while, but after my disastrous first
marriage, I did find my "prince." I was diagnosed just 1 1/2 years after
we married (and had teenaged kids!!) and he was wonderful during my
cancer fight. We will celebrate 6 great years in June. I say this
because you don't have to settle!!! You deserve someone who will cherish
you, who will be thre for you.

There are many here who will be there for you --count me as one of them.
And please let me know if you need to talk. Love you, Joicy
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