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lil, waht a sweetheart youare, but i nenver meant to make you cry.  wipe those tears away, ok?  i am so fortunate to have YOU as my friend.  

but, i have to ask, and hopefully you'll forgive me for not keepnig up with the mol mail, i probabyl missed many of you posts, but why are you in pain????  what's going on?  i was bumped off mol for a while there and did't receive any mail, so imnot up on what's going on with poeple.  please fill me in okay? 

whatever help you need on your page, please feel fre to email me about it, id liske to be there for yyuou, help when i can.

i hope youre ok, i dont kile to hear when epoel are in pain.

love  greg
(tappin his foot waiting ro a response :) ---

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999 12:23:47    lillian wrote:
>I was a bit late pulling myself out of bed today, just wanted to stay in =
>the dreamland of no pain a wee bit longer.  So when I got on the forum, =
>I see a message from Nanc that tells me to go to the MOL Photo Album and =
>Lord and Behold there is my site link.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  =
>Next I went to your post and you are telling me you will show me how to =
>do links and we could either meet in the chat room or over the forum.  =
>But first I wanted to see your site that you had to work on again.  This =
>took a spell; no just clicking through, read everything on it.  I was =
>basking in the beauty of it all, the underlying messages, the inner =
>spirit, you know the places many don't know how to get to in a person =
>and all of a sudden I see this "TO MY FRIEND LIL's SITE"...now I am =
>already in a mushy mood because of the beauty that had just unfolded =
>before my eyes; but these 5 words just brought the tear's a flowing a =
>mile a min.  What a beautiful gift you gave me,  what an honor to be =
>considered your friend, what joy in so much that you shared your talent =
>with me.  I had to feel myself to make sure I didn't die and go to =
>heaven (ofcourse that could be a dream, I should have ended I didn't =
>die).  Nope, I was still alive, still kicking and starting a brand new =
>day of happiness.  Thank you my friend, Greg, for being part of the =
>fiber of my soul.  Lovingly your friend, lillian

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