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Re: [MOL] Greg!

hi lillian,

i would be honored to help you with you site,l jsut let me know when and ill be here.  its actually very easy.., here is an example of my page, how i linked shona's apge to mine, and all youd have to do is put your address isn the spot that applies.  i can meet yuou in the chat room if youd rather talk about it there,whicheve ir is easier.

anywya, it would loook like this:

<a href=""><img src="/images/icons/btne.gif"></a>Shona's Page

now, yours is going to be different,since you have geocities or something, but do youget the idea?  id be happy to do it for you if you wnat to, while in the chat room or via email give me the opassword, whatever you feel comrfortable with.

my page is up, the address is below, but i lost all the info from my origianl page and i had to start over, add things ot my 2nd page(thankfully that was intact).  it was a total bummer, i'm still p/o'd about it, but life oges on, a new project, right?  i have no idea shwat happened to my page, as i stated on my website, i must have angered the cyber gods or something.  But, i had saved all my poems, phots on disks, so its a matter of uploading them again which is just timeconsuming.  anyway, its going pretty well, i jsut havent had the energy to work on it very muc.  but have a look, tell me what you think.  i am going to change all the backgrounds, add pics, more poems, etc.  iu've found some great websites with backgrounds and graphics/sets of things that i'd liek to use.  so in a matter of a few weeks there will be many changes cosmetically, but not as far as content.

i had a idea that you may or maynot agree with, so please excuse any intrusion if it isn't welcomed..but i thought that on the mol photo album, it would be nice to put links to ALL of the molers who have websites.  i just noticed Frank's page, and yours of course, i think i recall seeing one from mam or dee once, and i know others are either working on them or have them.  i think it would be nice to have them on there, it would be terrific to be able to go there and spend time eseeing other's websites.  i;d  do the dirty work of putting them on there if someone would send me the addreses or jsut post them with mol.  but, this is only a suggestion, i won't be offened ifanyone feels it's inappropriate.  

i hope you're doing weelll, weren't you ill?  i am going to read more of my mol mail, i had some tests eysterday and wans't up to suitting on my butt at the computer till now, had a bmb, HATE those, etc.

well, better get going,this is unusally long winded fom me.  musyt be the narcotics talking again.  well, ciao bella, have a nice day.  let me know when you'd liek to work on your apge, thanks for asking. oh, i also have aol instant messanger, it's free, you can get it off the internet and its very handy dandy when you wnat to talk with firneds, saves on the pohone biuill.  my name is rocko173, if you have aol/or the ims put me on your buddy list and we can talk that way.

lvoe gereg

hope you can read this, i'm sorry is such a mess, but it will take hours to get this out if i go abck and fix everything.  sorry

here's my web address:

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999 21:22:03    lillian wrote:
>How's it going for you pal?  I need a favor; but only if you are up to =
>it.  Could you teach me how to link a site to the photo album?  I would =
>appreciate it very much.
>I was sorry we got cut off the chat line the other night.  We were just =
>really getting going there.  Have you gotton your site fixed, more =
>importantly did you find out what happened?  Take care and let me know =
>Greg.  Thanks your friend, lillian

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