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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hi Everybody,

Most of us have what is called "selective memory."  There are things we
choose to remember, and things we choose to forget.  Here are my
"thoughts for today."

	Nostalgia is remembering the pleasures of sitting in front
	of a big fireplace---without remembering you had to cut the
	wood for it.

	Nothing is more responsible for the "good old days" than a
	poor memory.

Thinking back on the "good old days" does a heart and soul good.  When
we recall those memories, it's almost as though we are living them all
over again.  We can get the same good feelings as we had the first time
around.  Make sure to spend some time reminiscing about the pleasant
things in your past, just to balance out the difficulties you may be
going through right now.  It keeps us from going into overload. 
Besides, it's just plain fun, too.

God Bless,
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