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RE: [MOL] Lillian

Hi Lil:  My son-in-law found his father dead yesterday morning.  They live
in W. Melbourne, FL.  His body is being shipped up here to Long Island since
most of his family lives here.  My daughter and her family are coming up
Friday and going back Tuesday.  Her father-in-law died in his sleep of a
heart attack.  He had an ongoing heart problem for many years.  He was
retired from the police dept. with a heart disability.  Talk to you soon.

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> Sent:	Thursday, March 04, 1999 12:22 AM
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> Subject:	[MOL] Greg!
> How's it going for you pal?  I need a favor; but only if you are up to
> it.  Could you teach me how to link a site to the photo album?  I would
> appreciate it very much.
> I was sorry we got cut off the chat line the other night.  We were just
> really getting going there.  Have you gotton your site fixed, more
> importantly did you find out what happened?  Take care and let me know
> Greg.  Thanks your friend, lillian
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