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Hi PJ,
My goodness girl, will you calm down, what good will you be for your Mom after
you suffer from a heart attack or a stroke.  STOP IT.  She will be just fine
and it sometimes takes a time or two to get everything organized.  You should
be more like Mom right now.  Your not doing her any good by being so hipe
either, just look at what you've wrote, you a mess, a basket case, maybe
that's what you should name your business.  A Basket Case.  LOL  I hope you
have calmed down now.
Love ya,
Auntie Nanc  :-)

In a message dated 3/3/99 11:27:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:

<< Subj:	 [MOL] I"M REALLY MAD
 Date:	3/3/99 11:27:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	PSerritell@AOL.COM
 Hi Moler
 My mom was told yesterday that her chemo would be given at 8:00 this morning
 At 8:00 tonite she still had not had it because they pill (Kytril or Katril)
 had not come with the chemo and they needed to give it to mom before the
 Now you all know mom was to be given the chemo at home because it was easier
 well THIS SHIT ISN'T EASIER.  Waiting all day was horrible on her.
 I called 20 times and mom was upset but she said for me not to be upset.
 Imagine that mom being stronger than me. GOD BLESS MOM.
 The nurse was going over to mom's at 9:00 as soon as the pill was to come.
 They had the needle in her arm all day and waiting for this pill to come and
 then the chemo would be administered.
 Listen Molers my fingers hurt from typing this cause I'm pissed off.
 I put a call into the ONCologist office to DEMAND that mom not be treated
 way AGAIN. The ONC was not in and tomorrow she will call me as soon as she
 thanks for letting me VENT. :o((((((

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