[MOL] Lung Cancer Series Part 5 [00258] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Lung Cancer Series Part 5

Pancoast Syndrome

This condition is due to cancerous involvement of nerves in the upper part of the chest, mostly seen in patients with lung cancer. This condition can cause pain, which is felt in the shoulders, mostly in right shoulder area.


Presence of a large cancer in upper part of the chest, seen on chest X-Ray or CT scan, along with pain in that region is enough to establish the diagnosis.


Most patients are treated with radiation therapy to the area of the cancer. The underlying cancer has to be treated with appropriate remedies as well.

Low Sodium Levels (Hyponatremia)

Low Sodium level in the blood can be seen in a variety of conditions. Most common ones seen in cancer patients are:


Certain cancers:


Patients may feel weakness and fatigue, which may progressively get worse,a s the Sodium level declines. In severe cases, patients may experience seizures, and loss of consciousness.


measuring Sodium level in blood is the only method of making the diagnosis, and treating physicians have to be aware of this possibility in patients who are on certain medicines or have certain cancers.


This condition is treated by reversal of the cause of low sodium. This is achieved by discontinuing the drugs as well as treating the cancers. In severe cases where the Sodium levels are critically low, patients should be treated in the hospital with intravenous (hypertonic) Sodium.