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aha!!!  Soy pies!!  Now this might just be worth a try!!  ;-)  I am thinking of you all and hold you dear to my heart.. The leaving of mol was a good decision for me, as I am making some baby steps towards re-entering the world...  I am feeling some good energy and will be very glad when my test is over tomorrow... I am pretty darn sure that it will turn out to be:  Carla carries her heart in her stomach!   :-)  Please keep a prayer for me to be sure..   :-)
I hope that this finds you all full of your own sweet wonderful selves!!  You are just too beautiful you know...  I keep tabs on the mol album and also got on the chat line a couple of nights...   Hope that you'll keep me posted of chat nights etc.,, I would love to join when I can..
Well, I am off for another vegetarian meal....  I am getting to a point where it is hard for me to eat meat...  My parents invited me over for cottage ham, potato etc., dinner and I turned it down to eat my own vege stuff...  I am building my lung again with some treadmill time..  I am sure sad that I stopped that for so long..  It is not easy making a come back!  LOL!
Well, I am off for food and know that I am sending smiles, hugs and love your way.. May God fill you with his blessings..   Carla


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