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Re: [MOL] Lillian

Hi Liz,
Thanks for your update, very interresting, hope your dreams all come true for
making money.  Doing web pages can be fun, once you learn what you need to do.
I still need to learn how to link to continue on with pages for the album, we
have about used up the memory we are allowed to have on this site.  I will see
if I can figure it out tonight, if I start feeling better.  You take care and
good Luck.
Love, Hugs, and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc :-) 

In a message dated 3/3/99 12:39:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< Hi Lillian,
 I always mean to post but then I get caught up in some other project and I
 don't get it done.
 Here goes, an update on me. Although I am still teaching my night classes I
 lost my day job and that was a little hard on my ego because they let me
 go. I am not sure why. It is a little hard on my pocketbook, too since my
 job at the college only pays enough to let me squeak by. If I have any fun
 money I need to work more hours.
 I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how I can generate an
 income without going back to work. I find I need to spend some time at
 I am working on a website that I hope can develop into a way to generate
 income. I am having a good time doing it and I enjoy learning what I am
 learning, but I don't have much faith that it will make me rich, or even
 I was thinking about Carla and her store. The only kind of store I would
 want to have is a book store. I would really enjoy surrounding myself with
 books and helping people find things they would enjoy reading. In fact the
 first thing I did was set up a website that connects to Barnes and Noble so
 if people click through my site I get a commission on anything they buy. I
 am still building the site. It will be an education site offering help in
 many aspects of learning. The address will is:  but I still need to upload the
 beginning information that goes with it. As of this moment all it has is
 the Barnes & Noble Ad. I hope to get some of the information uploaded today.
 I am also putting my syllabus for both my college classes on line so my
 students can access them. My English 101 syllabus is there if you want to
 know some of what I teach. The address is:  At some point in the near future I
 hope to have my sites all linked and in a logical order.
 I also talked to the director of the distance learning program today and I
 am going to see about teaching my classes on the distance learning network
 through YVCC where I currently teach.
 I was pretty down the first couple of days after I lost my job but then a
 kind of calm came over me, and I really believe it was for the best. The
 atmosphere there was just too stifling. I could go back to substitute
 teaching and I would probably be working in a couple of days, but I really
 don't want to do that. I think my days in the K-12 system are over. I would
 like to work in the library. Maybe I should write up an application.
 I frequently post to the Education Board on the CNN site. If you are
 interested in the topic "Fixin our Schools" you might want to visit:^7@.ee7faf8
 Well I have rambled.
 I hope all is well with you.
 Love Ya,
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