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[MOL] Jean Lunn hi I'm PJ

Hi Jean

My mom has colon cancer (Diag 1/98 and operated). They weren't able to remove
the MASS because of size and it was engrossed with other organs (not spread)
She lives in Florida, I live on Long Island.  Mom had radiation 2/98 for 30
days (CEA prior to radiaiton was 500, after radiation is was 10).  She then
received about 6-8 months of 5FU.  Her CEA went up to 20 and her Oncologist
changed to CPT11 Camptosar.  She has been now on that for a while.  She has no
side effects except for a tiny bit of nervousness.
Mom just had her 2nd Cat Scan since this started and her cancer is CONTAINED
Thank you God. Her surrounding organs are fine.  The only problem I can
remember her having lately was low white cell count.  But during her 2 week
break from chemo her white cells are now above 600 or so I think. 
Mom is also taking Chinese Herbs.  Her state of mind is the most important
thing right now and I suggest the same for you.
Mom is 75 and you wouldn't believe it.  
I have 1 3yr old son who is the reason for mom's state of mind being positive.
Mom was given 2 months to live after the operation and it's been alot longer
than that as you can see from the date above.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything.  I'm hear to listen and we
all learn from each other.

May God heal you and Bless you Always.

Love to all
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