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[MOL] Greg a Recipe of You

Hi Greg & Molers

I have a great recipe for zuccini.  (I hope this has vitamins that you need).
You can substitute the zuccini for any other veggie.  I also used Broccoli
Rabe for this recipe but I think the zuccini cooked soft is able to chew
In honor of Greg's new website I will call this recipe:


Cut zuccini any way you like (I prefer into sliced circles-reminds me of love
coming full circle)
Place them on a tray with a little olive oil or peanut oil.
Put in oven on 350 and cook until tender.
Remove from oven and add some TOFU (Lillian) and ROASTED GARLIC (Marty)
and your tongue and tummy will say THANK YOU.

Let me know how you like this one.

Love you GREG.  Hope is Love.

Love to all
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