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[MOL] Basil Cell Carsinoma

I had two biopsies taken about 2 weeks ago and the lab results found
that one of them was, Basil Cell Carsinoma.  My Dermitologists states it
is nothing to be overly concerned with.  My going on line checking web
sites has told me otherwise.  The size of the what looked like a pimple
was about 1/16 of an inch.  I had mentioned to my husband that I must be
getting a pimple on my back because I had that ouchy feeling when you
have a pore blocked. Well I and he became concerned when 
this pimple didn't clear up.  I went to see my doctor and she said it
looked like nothing to be concerned about.  Well I stated I'll feel
better if a Dermotoligist saw it and so here I am.  Please advise me.
Concerned,   Mother of 3
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