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[MOL] About Greg

I know all of you would like to know. Greg and I had a lengthy phone
conversation last night about many positive progressive means of
wellness. Much information was discussed and some homework on his part,
(not stressful) until the next time we speak.  One of the things that
was discussed was his inability to eat solid foods and limited to some
fluids. I suggested this:

That I would post on MOl to all the great cooks that maybe we all could
provide Greg and his Mother some recipes for her to make for him. NOw
there is a catch. The recipes have to be bland, soft, little spice, no
meats or dairy or sugar products. That is not my advice, although you
know that is my philosophy for wellness, but his.

So, if you will would you, each and as many of you send Greg an e-mail
with some recipes, some juicing combinations, some foods that include
vitamin A (yellow squash, cantelope, carrots,) and other nutritional
recipes. I know he would appreciate. He has many conditions that affect
the way he can eat.

gregs e-mail address is gregandruczyk@medmail.com

God Bless
marty auslander
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