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Good Morning My Friends,

HOpe the following affects you compassionately as it did me.

"Thank You for Believing Me Well"
       As a young social worker in a New York City psychiatric 
  clinic, I was asked to see Roz, a 20-year-old woman who had 
  been referred to us from another psychiatric facility. It 
  was an unusual referral in that no information was received 
  ahead of her first appointment. I was told to "play it by 
  ear" and to figure out what her problems were and what she 
       Without a diagnosis to go on, I saw Roz as an unhappy, 
  misunderstood young woman who hadn't been listened to in her 
  earlier therapy. Her family situation was unpleasant. I 
  didn't see her as disturbed, but rather as lonely and 
  misunderstood. She responded so positively to being heard. I 
  worked with her to start a life worth living - to find a 
  job, a satisfying place to live and new relationships. We 
  hit it off well, and she started making important changes in 
  her life right away.
       The records from the previous psychiatric facility 
  arrived a month after Roz and I began our successful work 
  together. To my complete surprise, her records were several 
  inches thick, describing a number of psychiatric 
  hospitalizations. Her diagnosis was "paranoid 
  schizophrenic," with a comment on her being "hopeless."
       That had not been my experience with Roz at all. I 
  decided to forget those pieces of paper. I never treated her 
  as if she had that "hopeless" diagnosis. (It was a lesson 
  for me in questioning the value and certainty of diagnoses.) 
  I did find out about the horrors for Roz of those 
  hospitalizations, of being drugged, isolated and abused. I 
  also learned a lot from her about surviving such traumatic 
       First Roz found a job, then a place to live away from 
  her difficult family. After several months of working 
  together, she introduced me to her husband-to-be, a 
  successful businessman who adored her.
       When we completed our therapy, Roz gave me the gift of 
  a silver bookmark and a note that said, "Thank you for 
  believing me well."
       I have carried that note with me and I will for the 
  rest of my life, to remind me of the stand I take for 
  people, thanks to one brave woman's triumph over a 
  "hopeless" diagnosis.

God Bless
marty auslander
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