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[MOL] Update on Album http://www.angelfire.com/mi/molers/index.html

Hi all,
I have added a Mol Artist page to the MOL Photo Album.  Some have requested
So we will honor whoever wants their pictures of their art work in there,
start sending me Pictures of your Art work to be featured on that page for the
Month of April.  Since I have pictures here of my Art I featured myself, so
you could see how this will work.  I have several more pictures, so I will
change them every week durning the month of March.  I hope you enjoy my art
work, along with the rest of the Album.  For now I am learning through trial
and error, cause Shona is to busy to help for now, and may not be able to help
anymore, so I ask that you be patient with me, and if anyone else knows more
then I, please feel free to offer your help in the near future.  We will soon
run out of space and will have to add a link, which I'll try and figure out,
or find help here or elsewhere.  Shona is no longer signed on to MOL forum, so
please, along with me, give her a great big thank you for all her wonderful
help on getting this up and running.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Shona.  I will miss you.  If you ever find time to help, please feel free to.
You always know where to find me.  Love ya Shona :-)
Love you all,
Nanc  :-)
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